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“I run an investment management firm that manages just under $500 million in assets. We do a lot of work with spinoffs, post-reorg equities and other special situations. Oozing Alpha is the best service I have seen to identify ideas in these areas. It’s timely, concise and it represents great value! I have known the author for many years. He is a solid analyst, does thoughtful research and most importantly knows how to make money from these less followed ideas!”

Mark Foster – Kirr, Marbach & Co

“I find Oozing Alpha a vital source of ideas in event driven investing and do not know of any other research service which covers such a wide spectrum of special situations. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in finding value-driven opportunities.”

Matthew Pilkington – Managing Director, Steel Partners LLC

“Oozing Alpha provides a very unique service that I’d highly recommend for investors focused on special situations. One of my problems is filtering out the hundreds of companies that come across on screens and news alerts. In the first few months I’ve been a subscriber the service has already saved me significant time that would have otherwise been wasted.”

Cory Janssen – President, Galt Capital (former co-founder of

What is Oozing Alpha?

If you are an institutional investor with a value-orientation and a keen interest in bankruptcies, post-reorg securities, activist targets, spin offs, liquidations and similar types of event-driven situations, then you will find our membership services invaluable. Oozing Alpha is a members-only website, which alerts members on news and developments relating to:
  • Post-Reorg Securities: A very lucrative investing area but fraught with sub-standard, hopelessly broken businesses. We post news on what we consider the best and most opportunistic names. In addition, periodically, we also publish various statistics on post-reorg equities which can be helpful in identifying value dislocations.
  • Spinoffs: Proven to be one of the best areas to find alpha. We highlight most spinoffs when they are first announced or contemplated by parent companies.
  • Activist Targets: We sift through dozens of SEC filings each day, select the most actionable opportunities and highlight them within minutes after an activist fund has made public its intention to pursue a target. Additionally, we continue posting on follow-up developments.
  • Bankruptcies: While there are hundreds of Chapter 11 filings each year, we use our experience and judgment to highlight and introduce the most actionable and liquid opportunities.
Aside from these special situations, we inform you about special dividends, stock buyback announcements, dividend recaps, corporate restructurings, rights offerings, liquidations and many other event-driven opportunities. In summary, we select the best, actionable opportunities in special situations investing and alert you on them very quickly. That gives you an edge. Request Access